Digital Design Competition [23-09-06]

Problems and Solutions


  1. Click Pins (Sunny Goyal, Prathemesh Prabhu and Pratyush Rathore)
  2. Gate Crashers (Omkar Wagh, Darshan Sumant and Mehul Tikekar)
  3. We have a tie for the 3rd place
    • The lone technician (Ayanangshu Dey)
    • Team of Chandrakant Aggrawal, Prashant Saxena and Ambuj Ojha

Basic Fundae:

  1. This competition is of 3 hrs duration and will be held in WEL.
  2. Participation is by first come first serve basis (maximum 40 teams), with a maximum of 3 per team.
  3. Complete datasheets of all components to be used will be provided on the spot for all the teams, and there is no need to memorize pin configurations, truth-tables and IC numbers. Although you should know how to read and interpret the datasheet.
  4. Optionally you may bring a wire-stripper for your convenience. Wire-strippers are available for as low as Rs. 20 at any hardware shop.

Reading material

Please go through these links and study these up before the competition. There are concepts which have not been covered in the previous sessions. The event may include these concepts.
  1. Read up the combinatorial logic and sequential logic sections (especially Flip-Flops and Multiplexers) from this site:
  2. RS, D and T flip-flops from and
  3. Try reading and understanding the datasheets of the following IC's. (All the datasheets can be obtained from
    • 7404 (NOT GATE)
    • 7408 (AND GATE)
    • 7432 (OR GATE)
    • 7490 (Decade counter)
    • 74192 (Up/Down Decade counter)
    • 7474 (D Flip-Flop)

Registration Form

Registration will end on Friday 2359 hrs. Competition begins on Saturday afternoon.

To check the already registered teams, Click Here

Those who have some lab tomorrow afternoon may come late (max 4 P.M.), they would get time upto 6:30 P.M. or 3 hours (whichever is smaller). They should add (late) to their team names.

Team Name
Member 1 Roll No.
Member 2 Roll No.
Member 3 Roll No.

For any queries, you can mail me at: